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Our relationship with this far infrared sauna came from our own personal and debilitating health issues that started in 2004 when we contracted Lyme Disease.
Because our research was fueled from the personal passion to regain our own health, we knew we could save others many years and thousands of dollars hunting for the solutions that work.
This MPS sauna was actually the final success toward fully eradicating our Lyme Disease as well as the mysterious skin condition and multiple chemical sensitivity we were infested/infected with in late 2008.
We tried every alternative product for battling this itching, biting, creepy crawly ‘bug’.
We went to the dermatologist who prescribed 2 different medicines that only deadened the sensations for a few days. And then we found this sauna, and in literally 2 days – yes – 2 days the biting and itching symptoms were gone.
We have a fully documented story to share AND the many avenues of science research we’ve incorporated  to guide you in whether this technology is one you will use to successfully improve your health.
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Next will be the broad overview of the technology behind this sauna and why it is the only one of its kind. Not all FIR infrared saunas are created equal and we will show you why and tell which one it is.
To Your Health,
The Wellness Team of the Healing Grapevine.