Emerging Health Issues

//Emerging Health Issues

emerging health issues

Starting from conception, our health is directly affected by an environment that grows more polluted everyday. We are pushing the boundaries of our consumer driven technology and understanding of the physical universe to harness more energy, discover more food sources, and pursue longevity… all of this, for the sake of obtaining “more”.

So what’s the problem?

We are paying a huge price for many of our unregulated desires and years of wanton consumerism.

All chronic diseases are on the rise – let’s name a few.

  • Cancer
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Allergies
  • Autism Spectrum disorders
  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Asthma

We have disrupted our own natural biological processes and those of our planet and both are completely inter-dependent for maintaining life. We are becoming more and more dependent on medicines to operate our organs properly and bio-tech companies to grow our foods.

This is a series of articles on the newly emerging health issues which reveals interesting patterns of hyper-toxicity as the real enemy to our health.

Fungus Among Us: The Rising Epidemic

Along with the rise of many chronic illnesses today, there is a rising incidence of the “Fungus Among us”. According to a study from Rice University, 70% of American's have an overgrowth of yeast and bacteria in their systems.

Protect From Flu Virus With Antioxidants

With H1N1 (swine flu) infection from years ago taught us many things, including more growing concerns about the safety of this (or any) vaccine as means of treatment for our health issues. A diet rich