GMO Foods Man-made Foods

//GMO Foods Man-made Foods

Controversy over the true safety of using GMOs in food is a global debate.

Most of the world agrees to ban genetically modified foods and crops, even countries in great need are refusing genetically modified seeds as a gift because they consider them very dangerous to future indigenous species.

The Healing GrapeVine Team is proud to support our local Non-GMO movement.

‘GMO Free Prescott’ is a group of concerned citizens dedicated to helping educate and build awareness about the possible health issues associated with the use and consumption of genetically modified foods and GM seeds.

This is a video presentation from Jeffrey Smith (The Institute of Responsible Technology) was given at the local college to standing room only crowd!

Becoming and Educated Consumer is our best defense against the continued onslaught of poisons and bio-pesticides being labeled and sold as food. Join thousands of “Moms Across America” in taking action.

Don’t Eat This, Until You Read This, During The Holidays!

The first ever, genetically engineered animal for human consumption, is to be serve up in stores and restaurants soon... so RUN! Do Not walk to purchase this book before you open your mouth and chow down on salmon this holiday season.

The Debate About GMO Food Safety Is Over!

Until the Precautionary Principle is mandated and we prove our rights as individuals to be as powerful as the rights of (including but not limited to) these massive, profit making biotech companies - the debate is far from over!

How To Avoid GMO Foods This Holiday

As an Educated Consumer, I become extra challenged around eating and enjoying the traditional holiday meals served up on most tables because of the genetically engineered, man-made foods. Research, especially from the Epigenetics field, continues to connect the intricate and complex synergy between or food and our health and also revealing how potentially harmful GM foods and man-made food products are for our overall health and vitality.