Lyme disease

//Lyme disease


Lyme disease was first recognized in humans in 1975, and yet today, some state medical boards will revoke a physician’s license for diagnosing and treating Chronic Lyme. To date, the most common, yet often un-successful course of treatment in the medical community is 6 different antibiotics and dozens more prescriptions which can be administered for years.

The epidemiology of this disease is uncovering new information; ticks are not the only vehicle for transmission, the Lyme spirochete can lie dormant for years before launching it’s full attack, and the practice of tracking symptoms to diagnosis is very unreliable due to the mimicry skills of Lyme disease.

For most who are afflicted with chronic Lyme episodes, it is often a bane to ever regaining their full health again. It will strike at anyone, including pets. It was once said that to know disease was to know Syphilis.

For health care professionals today, Lyme disease is one of the most challenging to treat successfully.

Is Lyme Disease Related To Morgellons Disease?

Most likely, Yes, but maybe not for the reasons we think. Both Lyme disease and Morgellons disease are shrouded in mystery and mis-understanding, due in large part because of the inability of our conventional medical

Basics For Lyme Disease Recovery

The Bb spirochete and all the other bacterial co-infections associated with Lyme disease put this disease on the 'top ten worst list' (in my opinion!) We genuinely hope this website proves to be your resource for truth, knowledge, and greater understanding concerning all your health issues.