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Morgellons Disease Recovery Is Possible

This is a message of Hope because years later, Ramona is still 100% recovered from both Lyme disease and her nightmare battle with Morgellons disease.

Morgellons disease is best understood (and accepted) as an Environmental Illness, but this syndrome continues to present some of the weirdest symptoms ever before seen.

Unfortunately, many folks seeking medical treatment are quickly diagnosed with a mental condition called Delusional Parasitosis and are dismissed to suffer as a madman.

For this very reason, it is strongly suggested not to use the term, Morgellons!
It is wisest to refer to this as a Hyper-toxic condition, similar to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) or Mold Sickness which are recognized health conditions.

This was the same challenge for early Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Epstein-Baar sufferers who were told it was all in their head…but today the disease-causing factors are well documented.

There isn’t one single underlying pathogen or environmental factor being identified as the cause for Morgellons and this adds to the mis-diagnosis from healthcare practitioners.

The list of Morgellons disease symptoms include a multitude of strange skin disorders, non-healing lesions or sores, and rashes which may ‘shed’ different materials like fibers and specks. Other folks experience intense itching, stinging, and biting feelings yet nothing is ‘there’, but probably the most difficult aspect of this disease is the mystery and isolation that can feed fear.

So What Do We Know About Morgellons?

Theories range from Morgellons being a stealth virus (Dr. Martin) designed in a lab, a Nano Material Toxicity Syndrome (Dr. Staninger), poisoning from dental work (Dr. Amin), Agrobacterium used in the creation of medicines, GMOs and pesticides (Randy Wymore/Dr. Wang) and Clifford Carnicom’s research has looked extensively at both composition of the fiber materials and interactions these toxins are having on our biology.

The first step to successful recovery is becoming educated about detoxing the body and re-building the immune system.

Finding a health care practitioner who understands how our biological terrain directly affects our health, and will then use a detox program and rebuild the essential nutrients which are depleted, is to date, the best course of treatment for Morgellons sufferers.

Update: Nematode Infections Confirmed In Morgellons Community

The Healing GrapeVine Team believes many of the newly emerging health conditions (like Morgellons) are directly impacted by our internal terrain being completely out of balance; starting at the root causes with high fungal loads, then stacking into high bacterial and viral loads, which can invariably attract more parasitic and foreign invaders to us.

What Does Stress And Diseases Like Morgellons Have in Common?

Many of us may have already been told by a doctor that we need to take a medication to counter stress related diseases like fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue syndrome, or even arthritis. For those suffering in the Morgellons disease community, take notice that almost every single list of ‘side effects may include‘ posted on pharmaceutical drugs are similar to the list of Morgellons Symptoms.

Got Weird Skin Problems? Do Not Call It Morgellons Disease

I believe Morgellons disease will finally be identified under the listing of "Environmental Illness"...much like conditions such as Mold sickness and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which can occur when you are exposed to toxins or substances in the environment that cause inflammation, cognitive impairment, digestive issues, etc. These health hazards may be found where you live, work, or play.

Is Lyme Disease Related To Morgellons Disease?

Most likely, Yes, but maybe not for the reasons we think. Both Lyme disease and Morgellons disease are shrouded in mystery and mis-understanding, due in large part because of the inability of our conventional medical

Morgellons Disease Do’s And Don’ts

This is a global health risk and it is escalating with each new man-made food product, bottled water product, climate control strategy (aka geo-engineering, weather control), prescription and over the counter medicine product, vaccine, cleaning product, and weed killer (Round Up/glyphosate), just to name a few.

Are GMOs Linked To Morgellons Disease?

Don M. Huber, an Emeritus professor at Purdue University, alleges that he has found a link between genetically modified crops, crop diseases and infertility in livestock and an "unknown organism". He reported it to our government in January of 2011 but to date, there has been no action from the Sect of Agriculture.