Far Infrared Therapy

//Far Infrared Therapy

3 Differences Between Far Infrared Heating Pad And Bio-Mat

Far infrared radiant heat works for health recovery because it makes the body flush the many toxic layers in an individual's health profile. When it comes to deep detoxification of the cell tissues, the far infrared bandwidth is the therapy to spend money on.

A Miracle Story of Far Infrared Therapy

...the Power of Prayer and Positive Attitude This story starts a few weeks after the devastation of Hurricane Ivan in Pensacola FL. A 5 year old girl named Emma, is playing in the yard when

Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy

• Relieves muscle pain, spasms, and neuro-pathological conditions. • Increases extensibility of collagen tissue. Use of far-infrared heat causes muscles to stretch more than ones with regular heat. • Decreases joint stiffness. (There is a

How To Use Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Scientific research has shown that people who are chronically ill, chemically sensitive or have toxic levels from exposure to any toxin, pathogen, or advanced nano material have a lower base temperature than normal. Their natural