Skin and Hair Care

//Skin and Hair Care

Most Skin Care Products Create Aging Skin Issues

Simultaneous Internal and External Cleansing can be achieved by using the Opaline products and as a mother of two mermaids who live in the swimming pool, it comforts me to know the Opaline Bath will help remove the heavy chlorine load. Here's to enjoying our summer season with as little toxic stress as possible!

What Can I Do For My Hair Loss?

I have been asked by many folks, what can I do for my hair? One of the symptoms for the hyper toxic condition aka Morgellons, is hair loss and variations of a weird plastic, non-hair hair

3 Amazing Oils For Skin Care Problems

If you haven’t heard of one of these three skin strategies, you’re missing out on the skin-supporting and skin healing benefits! All of these strategies have a long history of being used as traditional beauty treatments.

This Skin Care Remedy Also Great For Cold Sores

The results of extensive pharmacological studies justify the broad, traditional therapeutic value of Black Seed (oils). These studies found Black Seed to have health benefits ranging from anti-fungal to anti-microbial (against a wide range of organisms), anticancer to anti-inflammatory activities.