All diseases, like cancer, drain our life force. Even in the earliest developing stages of disease symptoms, premature aging has begun. Far Infrared therapy is a major key for returning us back to our natural state as a vibrant and radiant being.
~Dr Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D., RIET-1 ~ Environmental Toxicologist

How does Far Infrared Radiant heat really work?

Sun-Survey-Has-Disturbing-Implications-for-AmericaOur Sun generates an array of energy and light known as the electromagnetic spectrum. Within this spectrum of energy, infrared waves are an invisible light energy directly responsible for supporting life on this planet.

Our tissues normally produce infrared energy for warmth and tissue repair. Tissue production of infrared energy is associated with a variety of healing responses.

Far-infrared travels the path of fresh water between the cells thus oscillating and correcting the water molecules. This oscillation is a kind of spin which helps to easily flush un-wanted toxins and pathogens out.

Why is FIR heat therapy superior to any other?

For many reasons:

  • The patented Active Carbon Fiber heat panels produce the FIR wavelength between 4 – 16 microns range which is identical to the human body’s natural FIR output.
  • Delivers the greatest heat penetration at lower temperatures. It is an energy wave length which is actually penetrating your skin and delivering the heat benefit, not heated air as in traditional saunas.
  • As soon as you turn on one of our patented Active Carbon, Far Infrared heat panels, it begins activating and stimulating cells for cleansing, nourishing and recovering vitality.
  • Quickly increases blood volume and circulation, stimulating various healing strategies inherent within our body.
  • Helps to flush lactic acid, fibrin, and oxidative stress scar tissue by-products resulting from strenuous training sessions.

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With the purest form of Far Infrared heat, individuals who are usually heat intolerant can safely use our sauna and FIR heat units to help stimulate their body’s innate healing response.

Misc Notes about FIR heat therapy:

  • FIR therapy will accelerate bone repair of a broken bone in half the time of normal healing.

  • FIR sauna therapy stimulates your circulatory system like aerobic exercise does without actually working out. One hour of FIR is equivalent to doing 2 miles of aerobic exercise.
  • The heating pad is a great portable infrared unit. It fits in the larger size suitcases and we have traveled with it many times. Unplug the controller from the unit during travel.
  • Any other healing remedy, supplement, detox program that you utilize will be accelerated in its performance when combined with an MPS Global pure far infrared heat therapy.

  • MPS is the only manufacturer that holds the patent for using carbon-fiber crystals to create the pure far infrared heat. All other manufacturers on the market today are combining some other type of heat conductive material like metal or ceramic.

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