Here it is, The Do’s And Don’ts List of recommendations from Our Healing GrapeVine Team.

We try to update this often and it just went through a revision this morning so read carefully and then Pass It On!

So much can be done without it costing a ton of money; however, spending money wisely on supplements, healing foods, products, and healing therapies may be necessary!

General Food Instructions:

Eat at least 80% fresh foods – not packaged (choosing Organic as best as one can do) and make the choice to spend your money on Organic meats first and then Organic fruits and veggies after.

Conventional meat products (all of them including farm raised fish) are most likely to be a genetically engineered food product.

If it is not possible to eat that much fresh foods, it is better to eat lightly cooked foods such as steamed veggies, soups, stewed or fermented foods and smoothies, rather than oily greasy foods.

Get a variety of foods, and ideally, we recommend buying local and organic from a farmer’s market. This link can help you find one near you …

We realize that this may need to be done in steps so you do not get overwhelmed and/or feel you are wasting food.

There is a Real High Cost to eating cheap food and your health is the price you pay.

Start by reading labels as you purchase and simply do not buy them again when you discover one is ‘offensive’. Then begin combing your cabinets and fridge for what you may need to toss out.

A very large portion of our contamination is coming from food and beverage sources, so the more you can do this, the sooner you will eliminate the additional toxins that are causing your problems.

Eliminate as many canned foods and foods in plastic. Look on bottom of bottle and if it has the triangle symbol with PETE underneath, then do not buy that again. This is the worst type of plastic. HDPE is most stable and clean of plastics.


  • eat cabbage, broccoli, kale, and beets at least four times weekly
  • eat fermented foods to correct pH, stimulate proper digestion and enzyme formation
  • eat cilantro and parsley – 10 sprigs per day keeps the heavy metals away (flushing)
  • eat pine nuts and minimize or stop all together, eating any other nuts (most are loaded with mycotoxins)
  • make raspberry and Garden of Life Raw Meal protein smoothies for breakfast
  • eat organic steel cut oats
  • eat apricots
  • eat a lot of watermelon for the kidneys
  • eat Buffalo once a week (vegetarians must use Braggs Liquid Aminos regularly)
  • drink fresh juiced vegetables
  • eat homemade Chicken soup, using bones for stock so collagen releases into food – they don’t call it “Jewish Penicillin” for Nothing!
  • eat lots of arugula
  • eat Organic Miso soup and only organic
  • eat mushrooms (any and all types are beneficial except white buttons and flush Nano-materials and radiation)
  • use raw honey or maple syrup as sweetener for smoothies and foods
  • eat organic goat cheese (If you eat dairy)
  • eat organic yogurt or kefir (If you eat dairy)
  • eat only Organic Olive oil or Coconut oil – stop using any other oil
  • Exercise 

Spices and Herbs to use liberally for flavor And Healing Properties:

Real Sea salt (throw away all iodized salt or keep it for bathing, maybe:)
Lemon juice on veggies


  • processed foods with additives, artificial ingredients, flavors, colors, etc
  • genetically modified foods, specifically corn and soy. GMOs not good!
    If its not organic corn, soy, sugar, or canola oil, it is Mostly likely GMO processed
  • processed sugars—white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners
  • greasy foods and fried foods
  • Hydrogenated fats, margarine, butter alternatives, all vegetable oils, crisco, etc.
  • yeasted breads – sourdough is best bread to eat
  • All animal products that are not organic
  • alcohol, sodas and carbonated drinks, and all high fructose corn syrup beverages
  • ‘modified food/corn starch’ as an ingredient. It is often in salad dressings, sauces, most ready made to foods, and many cereals and crackers
  • MSG and all its other names aka Hydrolyzed vegetable or soy protein
  • bottle water, of course don’t go w/o drinking water but try to carry your own
  • city water systems – are not employing ‘pharmaceutical filters’ therefore high chance of consuming medicines flushed into system (and we aren’t talking a few pills, we mean 1000s/ day in large urban areas)
  • do not microwave and if you do – DO NOT use plastic in microwave
  • processed meats (especially chicken fingers) have Transglutaminase (a meat glue product)
  • canned anything including tuna
  • farmed raised fish and Pacific ocean fish
  • most nuts are loaded with Mycotoxins so avoid them
  • internet forums and most reading research late at night – Turn off computer after dinner

Stop Cleaning And Using:

  • conventional chemical cleaners like bleach, ammonia, anti-bacterial soaps

Buy Tea Tree oil essential oil and add 20-30 drops to a spray bottle of 6-8 oz of water and clean anything and everything. Works on mold, bacteria, in kitchen, bathroom, floors, etc.

White vinegar for glass

Baking soda for scrubby texture

½ cp Borax with 1 cp white vinegar added to eco friendly laundry soap

  • conventional lotions, sunscreens, skin care products

Coconut oil is now your friend for skin and food

DOCUMENTARIES TO WATCH, watch something funny afterwards:

Genetic Roulette – this one first 🙂
American Addict – this one next 🙂
Hungry For Change
Food INC


The more you do to self educate and stay disciplined to flushing toxins, the sooner you will feel better.

May the Next Successful Recovery Story Be YOURS!

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Have a Fantastic Day,
Ramona and the Healing GrapeVine Team