Most likely, Yes, but maybe not for the reasons we think.

Both Lyme disease and Morgellons disease are shrouded in mystery and mis-understanding, due in large part because of the inability of our conventional medical community to properly diagnose and successfully treat either one of them.

Most folks are more familiar with the Lyme disease story…but Morgellons disease is still so new as to be couched in the mis-information stage of the truth either being withheld or simply unknown.

This is a repeat issue, much in the same way the first Lyme disease, Epstein-baar, and Chronic Fatigue sufferers had to endure public ridicule…being told it is all in their head.

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The Overlapping symptoms between these 2 newly emerging diseases is remarkable.

More possibilities in common…

One of the popular theories about the Lyme spirochete is that it is a hybrid, genetic mutation from the Syphilis bacterium…possibly engineered at the bio-weapons laboratory on Plum Island.

One of the theories on what causes Morgellons is the connection to the genetic alteration of agrobacterium, nematodes, and bio-pesticides within the Biotech industry that are all employing DNA delivery systems to create new foods, medicines and pest control strategies.

Yes, let me repeat that in a different way.

We have been eating genetically modified organisms aka GM foods or GE foods since 1996 and today approximately 70% of all processed and fast foods in the US are a GMO.

I think what we are really seeing is another genetically engineered health hazard coupled with our ever growing hyper-toxic world and it’s gone very rouge – we call it Morgellons!

Is Lyme disease related to Morgellons disease?

In conclusion, my answer is Yes! Just like Lyme disease has many co-infections and will mimic a large range of auto-immune and chronic conditions, Morgellons disease appears to also have many co-infections as well as hyper-toxic contaminants and exposure variables…and it can mimic many chronic and skin conditions.

Is the root cause of today’s diseased world the ever growing industries of nanotechnology and biotechnology?

Nanotechnologies alone are predicted to reach $1 trillion business or more within 20 years. Who is regulating this, the FDA, EPA or WHO, oh dear!

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