Are you putting toxins on your skin every day?!

If you are using conventional cosmetics, lotions, sunscreens, and perfumes, then YES YOU ARE!

I found this really interesting resource site and wanted to share. This website has a database search function where you can drop in any name of a product you use. Sunscreens, lotions, baby products, cosmetics…all that stuff. Go check it out and see if you are slathering toxic cosmetics on your skin. Wow!

One of the best, cheapest, and cleanest moisturizing skin care products for the body to use is Organic Coconut Oil. It will feel oily right at first but it absorbs immediately and I can literally feel it nourishing me inside-out.

Using a non-toxic facial moisturizers like the ones from Opaline solutions can provide a layer of protection between your skin and your make-up.

We have to protect our skin from too much sun and for those of us who live in hot areas, we deal with the poor air quality of recycled, canned air conditioning all summer long.

Opaline® Dry Oxy Capsules will also deliver oxygen through your digestive system to help support one of our most precious resources – our health, as well as our skin!

Here’s to enjoying the upcoming summer season with as little toxic stress as possible!

Have an excellent day,
Ramona and the Healing GrapeVine Team