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With a holistic minded team at her side, she has created a unique system to help map the types of toxicity and factors that may be compromising an individual’s immune system.

This program proves to be successful for individuals who are battling the downward spiral of their health and well-being.

After a consultation call, she will outline the steps necessary and resources needed to support a detox and re-build program.

Ramona has a passion for researching about epi-genetics to better understand how diet, environment, and attitudinal healing affect our state of health.

How long has it been since you really felt your best?

Product Description

The fee for Ramona’s health and wellness coaching appointment is $85.

Your email contact information will be forwarded at the time of your purchase. Ramona will send you a questionnaire and set up your appointment for the hour long consultation call.

If you live outside the United States, Skype is an easy way to connect for the consult.

Once your program has been outlined, Ramona will suggest non-toxic therapies, modalities and remedies, including dietary changes, to help release and flush your store of harmful toxins. This will help correct your bio-terrain, and strengthen your immune system. Healing the monolayer, organs and intestinal tract is also likely to be part of your recovery program.

Whether it is something as difficult and mis-understood as Morgellons disease or you are simply tired of being handed the next prescription pill or cream, Ramona and her team help most folks begin feeling better as soon as they start.

If you are experiencing severe symptoms of any kind that feel life threatening, please go to a clinic or hospital immediately. We do not suggest embarking on the road to recovery or deciding to discontinue pharmaceutical drugs, without direct guidance an monitoring from a trained practitioner in your area.

Our slogan Release the Toxins, Recover the Light™ reminds us of the healing principle that a vital life current depends on our cells being healthy and radiant.

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