The answer is not what you might expect…

Lifestyle diseases are of epidemic proportions (Pollard 2008). They are the main driver to premature morbidity, create life-long financial burdens, and have four behaviors identified as primary causes.

  • Inactivity
  • Poor nutrition
  • Tobacco use
  • Frequent alcohol consumption

All four of these factors have an impact on our stress-response mechanism which produces Cortisol.

Cortisol is released in response to stress, trying to restore homeostasis. However, prolonged cortisol secretion (which may be due to chronic stress or the excessive secretion seen in Cushing’s syndrome) results in significant physiological changes.

In our article titled, “How Stress Ties Into All Disease“, we take a close look at the chain reaction occurring from stress-related moments in our life and how they directly affect our health.

For folks that are constantly living stressed out and probably reaching for a drink and cigarette to relax, their doctor may have already told them they need to take a medication to counter stress related diseases like fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue syndrome, or even arthritis.

What we have discovered within our HGV community is the fact that many drugs used to treat pain and inflammation are from the corticosteroid class of medicines (like cortisone) that can trigger the same ill side effects as being chronically stressed.

This over stimulation leads to adrenal fatigue and when that happens in the body, no amount of coffee is going to change your mood or energy level!

Another interesting fact for the Morgellons disease community is that almost every single list of ‘side effects may include‘ posted with these drugs (and nearly ALL pharmaceutical drugs – start reading your inserts) will list:

  • skin rash
  • itching and/or burning sensations
  • slow healing wounds
  • acne
  • muscle weakness
  • thinning of skin
  • increased susceptibility to infection
  • stomach ulcers
  • psychological problems such as depression
  • increased weight gain  

And so on!

Take another look at this list and the 1000′s of other side effects listed on the medicines being prescribed by our medical community today…how many of these are the same as the list of Morgellons Symptoms?

For most of us, living in the 21st century is living in constant stress.

We are no longer challenged with occasional, acute demands (like hunting or harvesting) followed by rest, instead, we are constantly over-worked, under-nourished, sleep deprived, exposed to environmental toxins (GMOs and Advanced Nano Materials), and worrying about an infinite list of daily occurrences (like how do I pay this bill?!).

All of this puts great demand on our immune system which is completely in charge of our health.

We hope that our research helps create the knowledge that empowers us all to take charge of our bodies, clean out the toxins (including the ones from our medical professionals), and live life fully participating!

Today, remember what it’s like to Live Life Large and become an Educated Consumer!

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There is NO need for poor health and we can do something about it!

Ramona and the Healing GrapeVine Team